Cheshire Group continues to deliver better choices with energized web presence -

The healthcare marketplace is one of the most difficult industries to navigate. That’s why having an expert in private exchanges on your side has never been more important.


Cheshire Group has been delivering better benefits to their clients for over 15 years, and wanting to keep their edge in the online marketplace contacted Inward, Alpharetta-based web design and marketing firm, for a new brand and messaging strategy, as well as a user-friendly web design.


Inward crafted a messaging strategy that branded Cheshire as a solution-oriented company that derives their success from offering choices: “Everyone likes a choice– give it to them” reinforces Cheshire’s commitment to providing better benefits for each individual client. One-size-fits-all solutions just won’t cut it.


Inward also designed a vibrant, easy-to-navigate website that puts customers at ease when shopping for benefits. You can be certain that no matter how tricky healthcare becomes, Cheshire has you covered. 

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