New Equinox website designed with customization in mind -

Equinox leads in open source services with cutting-edge webpage
Libraries store a wealth of information and resources, and as our world
becomes more digital, those sources are taking new forms­ changing the way
we access and save them.
Equinox , a solution to library technology hurdles,
is a full-service open source services provider headquartered in Duluth, GA.
Committed to providing excellent customer support and library technology
expertise, Inward designed a user-friendly website that reinforced their
pledge to service and excellence. Vibrant color bars and a simplified
options menu make it easy for customers to find exactly which software or
support system they are looking for.
It was also important that Equinox have the freedom to update or make
changes to the website on a moment¹s notice. Inward therefore selected
Wordpress, a content management system platform, to build the website,
allowing for Equinox¹s web presence to evolve with the company.
Check out their revamped website  to see why


Equinox leads the library technologies industry.

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